This series of paintings was painted between 2003-05 and is based on the ancient Sumerian mythological story, Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth and was dedicated to my daughter, Danielle, on her 18th birthday. This project was about emotions and colors. It is a story about a Goddess, an archetype of a woman growing from adolescence--where she confronts her fears and her sexuality--through her womanhood, her descent into the underworld, and then finally her ascension to divinity. I used different color combinations to show the drama of her life and the ultimate victory of love over hate.
During the reception at Villa Julie College (Stevenson University) in Maryland, Mare’ Hironomous improvised in dance on the theme.

Diane Wolkstein, the celebrated author of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, said the following about the paintings:  

“Oh-...oh, oh, oh, OH... When I first saw Edna Emmet’s paintings of Inanna, words poured out of my mouth, but I was speechless. The paintings were a revelation. I felt a mixture of awe, delight and amazement. How has she 

been able to capture the essence of the text? It was as if, with each painting, she had sliced through a gorgeous impenetrable stone and revealed its inner essence. Where did she glean such insight?”

Maryland Public Television (MPT) broadcasted  the paintings on the February 9, 2005 edition of ArtWorks This Week.

Glenn McNatt the art critic from the Baltimore Sun paper, wrote:

”... Emmet ... scrupulously avoids recognizable images in her paintings, which are full of saturated colors and sensual, abstract forms and whose passionate intensity approaches that with which the ancients must have worshiped their goddess. ... The largest pieces in the show are mural-scale canvases reminiscent of the heroically scaled works of such 1950s-era masters as Franz Kline and Mark Rothko, with luminous color harmonies of reds, blues and yellows that shimmer and pulsate on the retina.” Dec.2,2004