Edna Kurtz Emmet was born in Poland and grew up in Israel. Ms. Emmet received a BA in Art and Design from the Hornsey College of Art in London. For the next several years she traveled extensively, living in Japan and Greece. Subsequently, Ms. Emmet studied Waldorf art education principles at the Tobias School of Art in Sussex, England and explored the dynamic qualities of colors with the painter Beppe Assenza in Dornach Switzerland.

Ms. Emmet resides in Baltimore USA. She teaches painting to adults and children. She exhibits her work in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, India and Israel, and her paintings can be found in numerous private collections.

Artist Statement

In my twenties I lived in many places exploring myself in relation to different cultures and ideas. Now I stay still geographically and make the journey on the canvas in my studio.

I apply colors and delve into their sensuality and their effects on my psyche. While exploring the various spaces, I leave behind a road map of experiences that occurred along the way.  I energize the surface until I feel as if the paint is pushed up towards me and the space between the painting and my eyes is alive. My intent usually is to avoid concrete imagery so that viewers will develop their own unique relationship with a painting.  


TELEPHONE:  410-599-5723          EMAIL:  1ekemmet@gmail.com