Art on Nature

I Pine for the pine...

I created this installation in Brazil. Decades ago the mountains were planted with pine trees to help prevent erosion.  The pine trees soon dominated the hill, thereby preventing the growth of native plants and destroying the habitat of native birds and animals. Now, the owners are cutting down the pine trees and replanting native forms of vegetation.

I felt empathy for the pine trees, so I created a memorial on a pile of cut pine logs. For me this depicts how sometime ideas of experts fail to be effective.

Enchanted Forest

Leakin Park in Baltimore has a bad reputation; I found it enchanting, peaceful and beautiful. I painted the dead brunches and vines, envisioned it as a three dimensional canvas, looking for negative spaces, structures, colors and rhythms. The paints I used are milk paints and non toxic pigments. 

City Events

Creative Alliance, Lantern Parade, Storm 2015

Creative Alliance, Lantern Parade, Journey into AfterLife, 2016

American Visionary Arts Museum, Kinetic Sculpture Race 2017